Writer’s block: Say it ain’t so!

For those of us occasionally afflicted with the condition Escribene Blockius, from the Not-So-Latin Escribene Blockius, here are some of my crazy solutions for overcoming the condition.

GET HELP!  For me this means talking it out.  To anyone or anything that will listen.

“So, two mice walk into a donut shop and . . . .”

HAVE NOTEPAD, WILL TRAVEL.   I love writing on mass transit.  Bus, train, zebra, yak, you name it.  Short spurts of travel have always helped me get something on paper. (This, of course, includes the word, something.)

And if still afflicted with you-know-what, I highly recommend striking up a conversation with the person riding on the neighboring yak.

“Do you really think closet monsters are overdone?”

READ ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! After a while, something will click.

SWITCH GEARS.  If you’re working on a picture book, and you’re having one of those no good very bad writing days and all you want to do is move to Australia, then it may be time to switch gears and write something else. (Of course, I mean write the words, something else.)  But sometimes going off course, can lead you back on track.

ENTER A CONTEST.  I love writing contests because you need to write something by a set deadline.  And you never know.  You may win.

PUT THE MANUSCRIPT DOWN, AND SLOWLY WALK AWAY.  Sometimes you just need to put things away and give them time to percolate.  (Of course, this point does not apply to impatient writers like myself.)

SEEK OUT INSPIRATION.  Visit the library or your local bookshop.  (I love you Bank Street Bookstore!!!)

Talk to the librarian.  Get help!

QUESTION EVERYTHING.  Why are you writing? The money?  That’s a good one!  Because you love to write and you can’t wait for that amazing day when a child picks up your book and says that it’s the best thing he or she has ever read.  Priceless!

If all else fails, and you’re beyond desperate, write a blog post about your writer’s block.

By rnewman504

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