D’oh! The Curse of the Send Button


I suffer from this affliction.  Every time, and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME I hit “send,” there’s an inevitable typo or something wrong with my submission.  It truly is “the curse of the send button.”

The error is probably minor, but to someone like myself I can always see it glaring at me with its evil eye.

And it’s not like I haven’t read and reread it a million times through.  I’m the queen of type A+++ and then some.  (Honestly, if you’re looking for a neurotic chic who dots her i’s, I’m your gal! :))

Often, I end up with an error because I’m rushing.  My day lives by the 3:00 o’clock pick-up deadline, and I want to obviously get things out before then.  Patience has never been my thing!

When I was a legal editor, I worked on treatises.  The beauty of a treatise is that aside from a HUGE error on the cover of the publication, treatises get updated.  And you can always fix an error in the next release.  (It’s not necessarily a good plan of action, but it does ease one’s mind.)

Do I have a cure for the curse?  Slow down.  Wait.  Chill.  But that’s so not my persona.  I could also learn to live with the error instead of driving myself nuts.[1]

In the long run, I keep my fingers crossed that it won’t really matter.

And of course if you also suffer from the curse, you can do what I often do.  Follow up with an e-mail apology.  Naturally that apology will have a typo in it!  As will this post!  D’oh!

[1] Since I’m such a good wife, I find it’s important to drive my husband nuts too!

By rnewman504

14 comments on “D’oh! The Curse of the Send Button

  1. “My day lives by the 3:00 o’clock pick-up deadline” – yep!

    I think that is another reason I’m prone to errors, not just from rushing but because in the back of my mind I am thinking ahead to organizing that post 3:00 PM world!

  2. I’m exactly the same! I got a rejection today but I don’t think there was a mistake in that one. We just need to get really bored before we submit so we calm right down lol.

  3. Great message and topic! My Dear, why not embrace the excitement and uncertainty of the hidden typo? When I see a typo in a message, I sometimes think, “Well, that’s a very busy person, fitting things in — I wonder what exciting thing she was about to do?” Really, I think typos are embedded in so many of our electronic messages, they don’t quite mean what they used to mean. And sometimes they are fun or funny. Once I had one that was meant to say “to email” but it had no space so it became “toemail.” I could not stop enjoying the image of how one day we will all be using all our fingers and toes to type out those messages! What a time saver!
    Sometimes, there are sad typos: typos in messages when there is bad news or good news can sometimes suggest the rush of sending such a message, and how the news itself and the sharing of it is more important than its form. I can find typos comforting then.
    I know you are a fantastic editor, and it causes you pain to see the typos. But I’d gladly receive typos from you any day.

    • Thanks Nancy! I don’t know why but the typo felt more forgiving when I was on the other side of the publishing food chain. 🙂 My typo of the week was in a revision I sent to my agent. I had the line “thumpity, thwack, wack . . . ” After I hit “send,” I realized that “wack” and “whack” are a bit different. At least, I caught it before it really got sent out. Would it matter in the long run? Maybe. Maybe not. But the uncertainty, as you know, would have driven me a tad nutso. 🙂

  4. We live by the same 3:00 calendar so I can totally relate. I think a good (though not 100% effective) cure for my typos is to step away from the document at hand, be it story or simply email correspondence, then return and re-read out loud before sending. I’ve caught some embarrassing mistakes that way. I don’t always follow my own advice though. LOL

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