Francophiles, Big Bad Wolf Fans, and Paris Lovers: This Post Is for You!


If anyone knows me, they know that I love French picture books, and even more than that, I love French picture books about my favorite villain, the Big Bad Wolf.

The other week, the great Jill Davis (please see my interview with Jill,, gave me the cutest (I mean the absolute, most adorable French picture book), entitled, Ze Vais Te Manzer by Jean-Marc Derouen and Laure du Faÿ (Editions Frimousse 2012).  The story is about a hungry, not-too-smart wolf with a lisp, who goes hunting in the woods for his dinner.  And when he first encounters a white rabbit, the rabbit can’t understand him.

“ATTENDS . . . Grand méchant loup, attends!  Tu peux répéter ce que tu viens de dire?”

“Bah oui, z’ai dit:  Ze vais te manzer, petit lapin blanc, ze vais te manzer tout de zuite!”


Wait!  Big Bad Wolf wait! Can you please repeat what you just said.

Yes, I said:  I’m going to eat you, little white rabbit, I’m going to eat you right now.]

Naturally, the rabbit goes out of his way to help him out, as does another rabbit, and of course, our villainous hero gets into lots of fun trouble along the way.  The story is superbly clever, beautifully written, and the illustrations are just too cute for words.

I get all verklempt when I read French picture books because they remind me of my childhood when I lived in Paris and Normandy.

Anyway, next year I’m finally going back to Paris.  I was last there in 2008 when my son was almost two, and sadly he didn’t really appreciate the whole venture.  But next year, I think he’s going to love it.  I can’t wait to take him to the carousel in the Tuileries, the puppet show with Guignol at the Luxembourg Gardens, the Bois de Boulogne, and the Musée Grevin, the wax museum.   I also can’t wait to show him to my old school on Rue de Grenelle.

And aside from eating my way from one part of the city to the next (How can you not? Right?), I also plan on stocking up on books.

Just by some coincidence, the New York Times recently ran their Travel Guide: Paris for Kids. Here’s the link:

And they also posted some travel tips:

So now, I just need to wait a few more months. . . . Un peu de patience . . . . Bah non!


8 comments on “Francophiles, Big Bad Wolf Fans, and Paris Lovers: This Post Is for You!

  1. From one francophile to another (I lived in Paris as a child), that sounds like a wonderful book. I’ll have to see if I can order a copy for myself. Merci!

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