Survivor: Parent Style

With camp having ended and school not starting until September 6th, I’m feeling a bit like Albert Brooks in this scene.*

Needless to say, my writing has pretty much come to a halt.  But I guess that can be a good thing.  Since writing is one of those tasks where you’re constantly working on something, whether you’re actually sitting at a computer or not, I figure some time away is an opportunity to get new ideas and a fresh perspective before starting full steam ahead come September.

So, over the last few weeks, my son has helped me recharge my writing batteries at mini golf, the water park, and an indoor play space.  At mini golf, the mosquitoes took one look at me, and I’m pretty sure I heard them squeal with delight, bat their wings, and point:  ”Charge! Dinner! Target Acquired!”  At the water park, one single ride washed away my Keratin hair treatment.  (But I suppose it was worth it to see the smile on my son’s face when I got dunked. Again and again.)

By our fifth or sixth trip to the indoor play space (it all blurs after a while), I figured if I give my son $20 for tokens that should keep him busy for a bit, and maybe I could work on my laptop.  NOT!   In 5 minutes, he blew through $20, and then he was nice enough to nag for more.  It goes without saying, even I could take the hint.  Robin, put the computer down, and slowly walk away.

Ten more days to go.  But who’s counting?

p.s. I also forgot to mention that my son was kind enough to fly his remote control helicopter into my mess of hair earlier today.  Good times.  There must be a picture book in all of this somewhere.

*Source: Defending Your Life (1991).

By rnewman504

7 comments on “Survivor: Parent Style

  1. I’ve got one going back Tues and the other the following week. Preparing the flag lol. It’s been lovely but I’m feeling pretty drained. Love that video Robin!

  2. When I was a public school teacher, my co-teacher said to me, “You’ll always have time to raise/teach other kids, but only one chance to raise your own.” I think the same could be applied to our writing lives. We’ll always have time to write later, but only one chance to be with our growing kids. Plus, most of my story ideas stem from them! Have fun playing!

    • Tina, So true. The writing will always wait. Our kids won’t. My son and I have had an amazing (albeit pretty exhausting) summer. I hope you and your kids have a good summer too!

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