Creepy Crawly Critters at the Library

Yesterday my family stopped by one of our favorite libraries, the Mattituck-Laurel Library, to check out their program, Creepy Crawly Critters with Ranger Eric. ranger

If you’re into beetles, stick bugs, leeches, tarantulas and scorpions, this program was for you!


My son and husband sat in the front row, eager to touch anything icky that came their way.  No surprise, I didn’t.  I’m not anti-bug, honest, but when Eric mentioned that hand sanitizer could kill the bugs, I’ll confess that I had the urge to grab a gallon of the stuff.


On the squeamish barometer, I was doing fine for most of the program.  But then Eric brought out the millipede.  That changed the game for me.  I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

This program is one of the many that the Mattituck-Laurel Library runs for children throughout the year.  The children’s reading room is one of the most inviting.  And I love that the librarian knows all the kids by name, and what books they’re reading.  How awesome is that?  If you happen to be in the neighborhood, I highly recommend visiting.  It’s a very special place.

mattituck-laurel library


12 comments on “Creepy Crawly Critters at the Library

    • Pat, I did take the photos. The tarantula photo is probably shaky because my hands were shaking. 🙂 Very glad the kids weren’t scared. They couldn’t wait to touch everything.

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