Happy Thanksgiving!


This is Phil.  He’s one of three peacocks in residence on the grounds of The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York.  All three were strangely MIA this Thanksgiving eve.  They were last spotted heading south on Broadway carrying suitcases, sunflower seeds, and wearing their “Proud as a Peacock” t-shirts.

They left a note on the coop for their caretaker.  “Back on November 29th.  Happy Thanksgiving!”

There are a number of super-fun articles about the peacocks.  One fun read is James Barron’s article, On Goldly Grounds, a Prideful Flock. Please click here for the link to article.

Although Phil maybe MIA, you can follow him on twitter at: @CathedralPhil

Happy Thanksgiving! GOBBLE! GOBBLE! HONK!

By rnewman504

10 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Wow, he’s on Twitter. That’s a clever peacock going away. You never know if they run out of turkeys! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Pat, I don’t! At one point, one of the peacocks (not one of the current three) had been taken around this time of year. So, seems very understandable why they might fly the coop. Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Pat, The current ones are safe and sound, but they do roam on and off the grounds from time to time. Unfortunately, that other one was really bird-napped. Very sad.

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