A Holiday Treat! The Rockdoves Have a New Video

The Rockdoves

My all-time favorite kids’ band, The Rockdoves, have released an awesome new video about their quirky friend Maurice, The Absent-Minded Animal Handler.  Please check it out and be sure to give them the BIG thumbs-up on YouTube!

This video is just one fabulous segment from their recently wrapped TV pilot, “The Rockdoves.”  Stay tuned for more news on the full-length show!

Enjoy! HO! HO! HO! Happy holidays!

A Writer’s Letter to Santa


Dear Santa,

I’ve been a good girl this year.  All right, “girl” may be a bit of a stretch, and “good” may not be 100% true, but I don’t recall “good” being a previously defined term.  Seems to me there might be some flexibility in there.  Don’t you think?

Perhaps I should rephrase?  I’ve been semi-good.  Partially good?  Theoretically?  Spiritually?  Well intended?  Is goodness really the end-all?  Seems a little overrated, like vampires and zombies, if you ask me.  One of those “been there, done that” kind of concepts.  Aren’t you tired of reading the same old material?  How about something original?

I sense this pitch isn’t going well.  Let me start over.

Dear Santa,

You look marvelous!  Is that a new suit?  Red is really your color.  And that glorious beard!  Not a cookie crumb in there!  How do you do it?

So, I’ve been a good writer this year.  Wait!  “Good” may not be the right word.  Dedicated?  I’ve dedicated 2 hours every day to writing.  Ok, maybe that’s not true, but I wanted to see if you were paying attention.  How’s this?  I’ve dedicated some time to writing each day, and at least 2 hours every day to goofing off.   Truer.  Anyway, in spite of these shortcomings, I was hoping that you might have some writer gifts on the North Pole for yours truly.

Here’s my wish list:

  1.  I would like every publisher in the universe to love and want to buy all of my books.  If that’s asking too much, how about most of my books?  Some?  What kind of numbers are we talking about here?  Is any of this negotiable?
  2. I would like all of my writer friends to find agents and get publishing contracts.
  3. And I would also like to see an end to poverty, hunger, disease, and I’d like to make a pitch for world peace.  Figure it couldn’t hurt to ask!

Enjoy the milk and cookies!


Honest!  I didn’t make them. 🙂

Happy holidays, and all the very best in 2014!

Much love, Robin xo

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