Are You Ready for Moose Day?


Blog reader:  Moose who?  Moose what?  Moose where?

Me:  So, glad you asked.  Tomorrow, January 7, 2014, is THE DAY that moose fans from around the world have been waiting for since . . . like . . . forever.  It is the most moose-a-rific day of the year!  It is a day of celebration.  A day to put on your antlers and go dancing with a duck or two or three.

Blog reader:  Really?  Why?

Me:  Why?  How can you ask why?  Because it is THE DAY that Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen and Noah Z. Jones’s most adorable book, Duck, Duck, Moose!, hits the bookstores.


And if you’re like me, and you just can’t wait till tomorrow, you can pre-order your copy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or go to one of the super-cool independent bookstores.

As we all know, life is always better with a moose.  Happy Moose Day!


15 comments on “Are You Ready for Moose Day?

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  2. I love the book cover ut am most confused. Is tomorrow really the 7th? I thought today was the 2nd. I am so confused. Is this an early April Fools trick? Anyway, whatever is going on with the date, I love the cover and bet the story is just as great. Would love to read it.

    • Hey Sue, Thanks for popping by. This is an old post. I posted this a month ago. Apologies for any confusion. In any event, Duck, Duck, Moose! is beyond adorable. The illustrations are too cute for words. Definitely a must read!

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