Three Cheers for Tori Corn and Nancy Cote’s, Dixie Wants an Allergy!

Yesterday The Corner Bookstore was buzzing with excitement, as eager fans came out in droves to celebrate the launch of Tori Corn and Nancy Cote’s picture book, Dixie Wants an Allergy.


Nancy Cote and Tori Corn

Nancy Cote and Tori Corn


“Dixie Wants an Allergy provides a comical and engaging approach for children who are beginning to learn about and who are coping with allergies—and who also have trouble finding what makes them unique. Corn’s playful text and Cote’s inviting illustrations encourage children to accept those with differences while learning that wanting what others have is not always a good idea.” (Source: Sky Pony Press)


Julie Matysik, Nancy Cote, Liza Fleissig, Tori Corn, Ginger Harris 


And check out these adorable, not to mention delicious, cookies!

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Dixie Wants an Allergy, please stop by The Corner Bookstore, 1313 Madison Avenue, at the corner of 93rd Street, New York, New York. (If you stop by, I promise you’ll have a hard time leaving! 🙂 ) You may also contact The Corner Bookstore at (212) 831-3554, or via email at

Dixie is also available online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Congratulations Tori and Nancy! What an amazing evening!


17 comments on “Three Cheers for Tori Corn and Nancy Cote’s, Dixie Wants an Allergy!

    • Genevieve, As I posted below for Susanna, Cupcake would love The Corner Bookstore! Doggies are welcome and apparently, they even give out treats to the neighborhood pooches. Love, love, love The Corner Bookstore! 🙂

  1. Dixie Wants An Allergy sounds like a great premise for a book! I’d love to read it. And I’d also really love to know where you got those cookies done – they are gorgeous (and look delicious!) And oh! The Corner Bookstore! I used to go there all the time when I lived nearby, but haven’t been in years since I moved out of the city! It still looks the same 🙂

    • Hey Susanna, On my way out, I managed to snag a couple of the cookies. 🙂 They are from Lawrence Deans, I LOVE The Corner Bookstore. So adorable! I could spend hours lingering there. And I just learned that dogs are welcome too! My step-mom lives around the corner, and apparently her English Bulldog, Babette, is a frequent customer. They apparently give out treats to the neighborhood pooches. If only the West Side bookstores, would get on board with this idea! Brilliant! 🙂

      • Though I don’t think I’d be happy actually LIVING in NYC (I grew up in the Bronx), there is SO much about it I wish I could frequent, and for sure…the bookstores are a BIG factor! 😀

      • Robin, you are SUCH a sweetheart! 😀 For me, it’s more about the expense of tolls and parking *sigh* That’s more of a deterent than making time, so I rarely MAKE time and plans because of it. I DID make a point, though, to FINALLY come in for the NYPL “The ABC of It” exhibit. I had it on my mind since it opened and was NOT going to miss it. They did extend it to September from the original closing date in March. I’m guessing it was enough of a success 😀 What an enjoyable day!

      • Donna, In any event, please know that you’re most welcome and pls. let me know whenever you’re in the city. Would love to catch up! Thanks for letting me know about the exhibit. I’ve been meaning to go but haven’t had the chance. This is what happens when you actually live in the city. You actually never make it to things, etc. 🙂

      • Thanks so much, Robin 🙂 I was almost about to head in on May 31st for the BEA at Javits, thinking there was still time to go as a Power Reader, but when I clicked on the Register button, it said registration was closed 😦 That’s what you get for being indecisive, but I thought the conference was going to be the first weekend in June and two weekends back-to-back would’ve been difficult for me. Once I new it was the end of June, I thought I’d do it, but … 😦

        I’m now following you on Twitter (@writersideup) ’cause if we follow each other, we can Direct Message 🙂 And I saw your tweet from last year (guess you’re never on Twitter—I’ve come to love it) on your interview with Rosanne! I’m LOving getting to know more about her 😀

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