Picture Book Pass it On

Are you looking for a wonderful cause to support during the holidays? Please check out Picture Book Pass it On.



Picture Book Pass it On is a literacy initiative that encourages folks to donate new or gently used picture books to children. Picture Book Pass it On was founded by Michelle Eastman in November 2014. Michelle is a teacher and a mom who is passionate about children’s literacy and the power of picture books.

Picture Book Pass it On 3 calls to action:

#1 Post a “shout-out” to celebrate your favorite picture book. It can be anything from posting a selfie of you and your fave picture book kickin’ it, to tweeting a line from one of your favorite characters or scenes, or post a picture or video of you reading a favorite picture book with a child, pet, or loved one. Or blog about a favorite picture book memory from your childhood.

#2 Pledge to donate a copy of your favorite picture book to a local children’s charity or cause…

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By rnewman504

12 comments on “Picture Book Pass it On

  1. What a great idea! I usually donate the books we’ve outgrown to our library (their used books sales generate funds to support their various programs), but I will keep this group in mind next time I thin out the PB herd in my house. Thanks, Robin!

  2. I’ve donated two really great picture books to our library this month. When I read a really great picture book that is hard to part with…I know it’ll be worth it because lots of others will be able to enjoy it and I can still check it out 🙂

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