Mark Your Calendars for Bank Street Book Store’s Grand Opening


On March 7, 2015, Bank Street Book Store is having their Grand Opening at their new location at 2780 Broadway (corner of 107th Street and Broadway).

The ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10:00 am will be followed by an all day Story Time Festival featuring over twenty children’s book authors. Please come by to check out the new space, schmooze and enjoy refreshments.

Guest Authors:

Peter Ackerman

Meg Akabas

Betsy Bird

Jill Davis

Alix Delinois

Monica Edinger

Tim Federle

Isabel Gillies

Chris Grabenstein

Robie Harris

Deborah Heiligman

Amy Hest

Nina Jaffe

Sandra Jordan

Susan Kuklin

Patricia Lakin

Peter Lerangis

Carolyn Mackler

Robin Newman – Reading at 4:00 pm!!!

Jerry Pinkney

Doreen Rappaport

Chris Raschka

Jill Santopolo

Eliot Schrefer

Rebecca Stead

Rachel Vail

Cynthia Weill

Carol Weston

I will be reading The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake, A Wilcox & Griswold Mystery, illustrated by Deborah Zemke (Creston Books, Spring 2015), at 4:00 pm. Hope to see you there!





35 comments on “Mark Your Calendars for Bank Street Book Store’s Grand Opening

  1. Robin, this is SOOOOooo COOOOOooool!!! This sounds fantastic! I can’t believe the line-up and then when I saw your name, my eyes bugged out!!! This is SO exciting!! 😀 😀 😀

    • Thanks, AJ! So thrilled to be participating in this wonderful event. It’s going to be a great day for Bank Street, and for our community. Bank Street Book Store is an Upper West Side treasure.

    • There should be. If not on107, within the surrounding blocks. Usually, it’s not too hard getting a spot on a weekend. I know that there’s generally parking at b/n 105-106 on Broadway. I bet 106 b/n West End and Riverside might have spots too.

      • Since it’s a daytime event and it sounds SO wonderful, it just crossed my mind that I might (really don’t know) try to swing it if I can get parking on the street. I know if I come REALLY early, like before dawn, there’s a better chance of parking. A few years ago I was doing face painting gigs at the “Fall for New Jersey” store and knew I had to go really early to get parking anywhere near the premises on the morning of an annual Run that was taking place. It was actually really nice watching the city slowly wake up that day ’cause I hung out in the Starbucks on the opposite corner 🙂

      • *sigh* I’m still grappling with this ’cause I’m not feeling my best, but mostly because I’m thinking that, with all this snow piling up, parking will be near to impossible : / What do you think? How are the streets/parking by you?

      • The streets don’t seem too bad. The snow is melting and there are a lot of slushy puddles. Feel better. Will take lots of photos. Promise! 🙂

      • Ah, but I want to enjoy! and meet people! and see you read! So you’re saying there aren’t large piles of snow taking up precious parking spaces?

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