Bank Street Book Store’s Grand Opening



It was a day of celebration for the Upper West Side, as Bank Street Book Store cut the red ribbon and opened its doors at its new location on 107th Street and Broadway. Children, parents, authors, illustrators, politicians, and friends of Bank Street from near and far came out in droves to show their love and support for the bookstore.

I am thrilled beyond words to have been a part of this great day.

Here are some highlights (contributing photography and videography by Zoe Newman Sachs, Donna Marie and Eric Pearl).


 (Left to right) Council Member Mark Levine, Borough President Gale Brewer, Bank Street President Shael Polakow-Suransky


 A dream come true to see my book at Bank Street Book Store



Jerry Pinkney 


Rebecca Stead and me 


Deborah Heiligman and Andrew Laties


Betsy Bird 


Robie Harris and Amy Hest


 Shael Polakow-Suransky and Cynthia Weill


Todd Tarpley


Vin Vogel and me 


Sandra Jordan 


Donna Marie 


Peter Lerangis 


Me and Chris Grabenstein 

My niece, Zoe, is a HUGE fan of Chris Grabenstein. She couldn’t make it in time for his reading so he was kind enough to make this video for her.


Jill Davis and James Grimaldi 


Jill Davis and her adoring, super adorable fans


Me and Jill Davis 


Nina and Leslie Zampetti


Mawrters in the House!

Annina Luck Wildermuth (Bryn Mawr ’84) and me (Bryn Mawr ’89) 


Francoise Newman, Vanessa Rule (Bryn Mawr ’91), Hilary Newman (Bryn Mawr ’89) and Zoe Newman Sachs (Bryn Mawr Year T/B/D) 



Rory Deutsch, Judith Meehan, and me

If you love Bank Street as much as I do, please show your support for the bookstore. Become a frequent customer, encourage friends, neighbors and family to become frequent customers, and become a friend of Bank Street Book Store. To learn more about how you can become a friend of Bank Street, please contact the store.


Three cheers for Bank Street Book Store! Congratulations and thanks so much for a wonderful day!!!

37 comments on “Bank Street Book Store’s Grand Opening

  1. What great photos, Robin! I was there in the late morning but couldn’t stay long, unfortunately. Wish I could have come during your reading time. I saw someone reading a LLAMA LLAMA book and thought it was Betsy Bird, but now that I see your picture of her, I’m not sure. Looks like it might have been somebody else. In any case, the reading was excellent. What a fabulous event and how exciting that you were a part of it! (I love your hat, btw!)

  2. Robin, this was SUCH a fantastic day, I was elated throughout and am still smiling because I got to attend 🙂 Getting to witness you doing your reading was a joyful experience and YOU WERE GREAT!!! I was SO impressed at how you gave life to your characters and story (and didn’t even stop for a swig of water! lol), not to mention the very cool detective hat, the detective badges you gave out (I’ve got one!), the fingerprinting and all the other fun promo material 🙂

    I was honored to be there for you and, of course, getting to meet so many wonderful people throughout the day. Seriously–it’s a day I’ll never forget. Congratulations, my friend! I see that is just the beginning of a VERY successful career for you! 😀 😀 😀

    • Donna, Many thanks for trekking to Manhattan and making the day so very special. I cannot wait for the day when I walk into Bank Street and see your books there. Big, big hugs! xo

      • It was 1000% my pleasure, and as you know already—from your lips to God’s ears! I wish I had the confidence in my future as others seem to have lol

  3. Wow…what an awesome day! I love the celebrity photos, your cool detective hat and another friendly face from a friend…Hi, Donna Marie! It sounds like a fabulous event and I am so happy for you. Next stop is the book launch, correct?!

  4. Wow Robin it’s like you were a part of history. That’s fantastic and impressed how many authors are in that area. Yay for carrot missing carrot cake.

    • Thanks, Catherine! 🙂 It was very much a historic moment. Over 30 authors and illustrators were reading and signing books, not to mention many others stopped by to show their support and love for the bookstore.

  5. Reblogged this on Z is for Zampetti and commented:
    I’m in the throes of revising and trying to get a few more pages in before heading off to work. So why rack my brains trying to create a worthy post when I can reblog Robin Newman’s about the Grand Opening Festival of the Bank Street Bookstore?

    Plus, her pictures are WAAAAAY better than mine. It feels as if you were there!


  6. Dear Robin, I was so happy to be part of this doubly-wonderful event on Saturday: Bank St re-opening & meeting you and your intrepid detective duo. Also special to meet your daughter & sister 🙂 I am so excited for you. And yes, your hat was perfect.

    • Annina, It was such an extra special treat to finally meet you in person. (Although it feels like we’ve been friends forever. 🙂 ) p.s. I sent in our pic to the alum mag. Not sure if it made the final cut. I guess we’ll find out. 🙂 p.p.s. Zoe is my amazing niece.

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