Jim, the Peacock, Is Coming Home

Many of you know that my son attends school with three unusual feathered students: Phil, Jim, and Harry. All three peacocks. Phil is a leucistic white peafowl, and Jim and Harry are your traditional blue green peacocks. The history of the peacocks on the grounds of The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine seems to vary a bit, depending on the source you’re reading, but some sources suggest that they made their first appearance in 1973.



Jim or Harry

jimorharry at front of school

Harry or Jim 

Last summer Jim injured his wing and has been recuperating at The Center for Avian & Exotic Medicine.



Jim2Tomorrow he is finally coming home! Everyone in the community, especially the children, are thrilled he’s coming back. Fingers, toes, and wings crossed Phil and Harry feel the same way. 🙂

By rnewman504

17 comments on “Jim, the Peacock, Is Coming Home

  1. How on earth did he get involved with peacocks? Such regal birds.

    I love peacocks. They are so beautiful. I have a visualization I use when I meditate where color passes before my eyes almost like the the opening of a peacock’s wing. So peacocks are a symbol for me.

  2. I love this! What a great story! hint hint Have you read Pale Male? It’s based on a true story of some eagles? living in NYC.

    • Thanks, Sarah! I haven’t read Pale Male’s story, but am very familiar with it. I believe he’s a hawk not an eagle. The Cathedral of St. John the Divine also has a resident hawk. There used to be two of them, but one passed away last year. They also get the occasional duck here and there. (I’m still hoping my peacock books will sell. So far, it’s been very close but no cigar. Everything crossed!!!)

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