Writing for Kids Is the Best Job in the World


In June, I had a chance to meet with the super funny, smart, creative, and out-of-this-world AWESOME third graders from Mrs. Gursoy and Ms. Connolly’s class in Room 301 at P.S. 230 in Brooklyn. It was a such a treat for me to read The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake, listen to their terrific questions, and talk about writing, revisions, and books. And of course, after you’ve talked about carrot cake, you have to eat some carrot cake!


Well, look what arrived in the mail! Letters from the kids! Does it get better than this? I was going to post one or two of them, but they are all so awesome that I decided to post all of them. Enjoy!

letter27letter1 letter2 Letter3 Letter6 letter7 letter 29letter9 letter11 letter12 letter13 letter14 letter15 letter16 letter17 letter30 letter19 letter20 letter21 letter23 letter24 letter25 letter26



Thank you Mrs. Gursoy, Ms. Connolly, and third graders from Room 301 (oops! fourth graders now). You made my day!!!!! 🙂

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