An Interview with Cool Kids Cook Chef Eliana de las Casas

A few weeks back, I had the chance to chat with the super smart, witty, poised, and most gracious host of Cool Kids Cook, Kid Chef Eliana de las Casas. Eliana is an award-winning chef, cookbook author, and radio show host. She is the ACFNO 2014 Best Up and Coming Chef in Louisiana, 2014 Taste Award Winner for Cool Kids Cook Radio Show on VoiceAmerica Kids, Kids Ambassador for SoFAB Institute, IFCO Youth Produce Ambassador, Crescent City Market Marketeer Ambassador, and she is only fourteen years old. (Yes, you read that correctly!)

As you listen to the interview, you will notice that I have mastered the use of “um” and “so.” “So,” without further ado, enjoy the show! Warning: This show may make you hungry.

You can tune into Cool Kids Cook on Mondays at the VoiceAmerica Kids Channel, 4:00 pm (Pacific Time). And you can catch Eliana at:


Radio Show:

Twitter: @KidChefEliana

FB page: elianacooksfanpage

YouTube: Kid Chef Eliana

Pinterest: Kid Chef Eliana

Instagram: Kid Chef Eliana

Wait! Don’t go just yet! I’m not done. Her books, Cool Kids Cook: Louisiana and Cool Kids Cook: Fresh and Fit, are available on Amazon.

Now, I need a snack. Hmm. . . maybe a slice of carrot cake . . . . 🙂


10 comments on “An Interview with Cool Kids Cook Chef Eliana de las Casas

  1. I’ll have to wait to watch this (can’t do most videos with the poor internet we have at home) but wow! 14 years old! Reminds me of the kid chefs we see on the show Chopped. 🙂 What an amazing young lady.

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