Wilcox & Griswold on the Job at the Princeton Children’s Book Festival


At the donut shop on this crisp fall morning, I managed to catch up with the #2 detective on the MFI force.

RN: Detective Wilcox, can please you tell us what’s happening at the Princeton Children’s Book Festival this weekend?

DW: I can’t go into specifics about an ongoing investigation, but I can tell you this. A person of interest in a case about a missing carrot cake is apparently a HUGE fan of the Princeton Children’s Book Festival. We’ve heard from a reliable source that he or she may try to make an appearance at the festival.

RN: Will the Missing Food Investigators be ready if he or she does?

DW: Absolutely! Captain Griswold and I will be working our beat from the Purple Tent, Table #4. We’ll be fingerprinting and taking mug shots of potential suspects.

RN: What can visitors to the festival expect?

DW: Fun! The Princeton Children’s Book Festival is celebrating its Tenth Anniversary with over 100 of authors and illustrators participating in the festivities.

RN: When are the festivities scheduled?

DW: September 19, 2015, 11 am to 4 pm.

RN: Thanks for answering my questions. And I’ve got to ask, what’s your favorite kind of donut?

DW: Nothing’s better than a cheese donut with a cup of black coffee. (You know, just like the cops on TV.)

W&G Princton


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