Thank you Collingswood Book Festival!

Rain and the threat of a hurricane couldn’t dampen the excitement at the Collingswood Book Festival.


My dauntless detectives, Wilcox and Griswold, staked out the children’s section where they interviewed, fingerprinted, and took a ton of mug shots of potential suspects. Unfortunately, Miss Rabbit’s carrot cake is still M/I/A. If you happen to have any information about Miss Rabbit’s cake, please contact the Missing Food Investigator Hotline, 1-800-MFI-FOOD.


Here are some mug shots from yesterday’s AWESOME event:




Timothy Young 

colls10IMG_9854Laura Scott Schaefer


Kat Lindseycolls8IMG_9851

Allison Gutknechtmecolls6


Johanna Bilbo Staton

Detectives Wilcox, Griswold, and I would like to shout out a very big THANK YOU to Sidra Hobbs-Fernie and her amazing staff and dedicated crew of volunteers, as well as to Barnes & Noble, for making the day extra special.


20 comments on “Thank you Collingswood Book Festival!

  1. Looks like I have read this rather late and all the festivities are long gone–and the moustaches. So sad. But your pictures look like you had loads of fun. I just read an interesting thing about “Hildie Bitterpickles Needs Her Sleep.” When will she wake up in 2016?

    • Sue, the festival is wonderful. You would love it! Hildie wakes up officially on April 12, 2016. Thanks so much for asking. Chris Ewald could not have made Hildie, and her cast of annoying neighbors, more adorable.

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