There’s No Place Like KidLit TV


If you’ve ever wanted to go to Oz, all you have to do is click your heels three times, take the #1 train to Franklin Street, and ring the doorbell at #112. As soon as you enter, you will realize there’s magic in the air. It’s the home of KidLit TV.


Julie Gribble and me (photo by Kassia Graham) 

I had the chance to spend the morning in this wonderfully magical place as I waited to record a reading of Hildie Bitterpickles Needs Her Sleep.


Hildie and I enjoying our KidLit TV debut.



Hildie closeup (Photo by Kassia Graham) 


Kassia Graham


Art by Kelly Light


I would love to take home each and everyone of these loveys. 


Painting of Franklin Street by Roxie Munro 

It was so much fun having my make up done by the incredibly talented Mable Pang. I so wish she could do my make up every day. How fun would it be showing up at school pick up looking like Cinderella rather than my usual Wicked Witch of the West in sweat pants. I wonder if my own son would recognize me.


Mable Pang reading Hildie Bitterpickles


Signing a copy of The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake for Maple Pang’s daughter.


Rocco Staino 


Steve Light

Steve Light (photos by Kassia Graham) 

Unfortunately, I missed catching up with Joyce Wan. But here are some photographs Kassia Graham took of her visit to KidLit TV.

On my way out, all that I could think of was “There’s no place like KidLit TV. . . . There’s no place like KidLit TV.”




44 comments on “There’s No Place Like KidLit TV

  1. Robin, you captured it perfectly! There’s no place like home and what writers and illustrators do, makes this place magical!

  2. Thank you for the awesome “behind the scenes” peek at KidLit TV on a taping day from the interviewee’s point of view. It does look like a lot of fun – a great group of people! Looking forward to watching your interview 🙂

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