Why are Picture Books in Prison? 2.7 Million Reasons…

This is truly a wonderful cause to support.

Michelle Eastman Books


The number of kids with incarcerated parents has increased nearly 80% in the last 20 years, according to data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. More than 2.7 million children have a parent who is incarcerated, and parents of another 10 million children have been incarcerated at some point.  The experience can be profoundly difficult for children, increasing their risk of living in poverty and housing instability, as well as causing emotional trauma, pain, and social stigma.http://www.americanlibrariesmagazine.org/article/reading-inside

But, through programs like the Visiting Nurse Services of Iowa Storybook Project, some of that stress melts away when kids and parents are able to share a special book together. Through an audio-tape reading program wherein imprisoned parents/grandparents read books to their children/grandchildren on tape, family bonds are strengthened and literacy skills improve as parents encourage their children to read with them and in their absence. Read this touching NY Times…

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By rnewman504

7 comments on “Why are Picture Books in Prison? 2.7 Million Reasons…

  1. What a great program. There are a lot of 6-month Rehab programs where mothers are sent to by the courts to deal with drug problems. It broke my heart to see how many children are affected and how hard it is for them to only see their mothers for an hour a week.

  2. I had no idea, Robin. It’s more than troubling, to say the least, hearing about such an astonishing increase. We know what value there is in books for children, but it’s good to hear how they are valued in cases like this, for sure.

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