NerdCampLI ‘19 Rolls Out the Red Carpet

Nerds from near and far flocked the star-studded red carpet for the Fifth Annual NerdCampLI at the James H. Boyd Intermediate School on Saturday, November 2nd. In a word, it was NERD-A-RI-FIC! (Of course, NERD-A-RI-FIC is a real word! How is that even a question?)

IMG_2914 copy

Tracey Baptiste 

Unlike other celebrity events, this red carpet was rolled out for authors, illustrators, teachers, and librarians. And even though fashion was not a highlight per se of walking the red carpet, I’d like to note that I spotted many nerdies sporting their super cool, exceptionally nerdy NerdCamp t-shirts. In the mix, I also spotted a few #KidsNeedMentors t-shirts designed by illustrator-extraordinaire Jarrett Lerner.


The amazing volunteers! (Photo source: NerdCampLI)

So, you may be wondering, what exactly is NerdCamp? Glad you asked. (I truly have the best readers.) Nerdcamp is a literacy-based, participant-driven, un-conference education camp for educators, librarians, authors, and illustrators. Upon arrival, attendees fill a session board with post-its covering topics for discussion. There are three sessions, and you can present a session, participate on a panel, or just go with the flow, listen, and learn. If a topic is not for you, you can leave at any time and head to another session.

This year’s conference had over 600 attendees. Let me repeat. That’s 600 attendees! And as one speaker noted, these 600 attendees got up before the crack of dawn on a Saturday to attend a conference where they had absolutely no real idea of what was in store for them. Pretty impressive, huh!

I presented on a topic that is near and dear to my heart, Using Picture Books to Teach About Inclusion and Empowerment.


Photo by Nancy Churnin. 

I also participated in a discussion on Using Picture Books in the Upper Elementary Classroom and had the opportunity to sit in on a session given by Katey Howes, Gina Perry, Nancy Churnin, Carol Gordon Ekster and Laurie Wallmark on Idea to Execution: The Picture Book Process.

Left to right: Katey Howes, Gina Perry, Nancy Churnin, Carol Gordon Ekster and Laurie Wallmark. 

Below are some photographic highlights:

Enormous thanks to the amazing, incredible, you-take-my-breath-away organizers, JoEllen McCarthy, Kristen Picone, and Ali McDermott, and to the out-of-this world sponsors and volunteers who used their magic powers to make this day a reality. THANK YOU!

Sadly, that’s a wrap for NerdCampLI ’19, but I can hardly wait for NerdCampLI ’20!


3 comments on “NerdCampLI ‘19 Rolls Out the Red Carpet

  1. Wow, what an event! 600 is HUGE! Everything about this warms my heart ❤ I SO wish I could've been at something like this 😀 Love seeing so many pals there, and there were definitely people I would've loved to meet and get books signed by (Lynda Mullaly Hunt, I'm lookin' at YOU!). Thanks for sharing these pics, Robin 😀 ❤

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