Celebrating #WRAD18 @KidLit TV


A conversation between me and one of my favorite blog readers:

Me: My sincere apologies for being a little late to the party.

Blog reader: Didn’t World Read Aloud Day ’18 happen last week on February 1st?

Me: It did. I had the best of intentions of doing a blog post last week but I got a tad bogged down with rewrites. And then I found myself complaining about the rewrites that needed rewrites. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

Blog reader: You are quite gifted in the complaining department.

Me: Thank you! Everyone needs a talent. In any event, in spite of my lateness, I had a blast celebrating World Read Aloud Day ’18 at KidLit TV and I wanted to shout out a HUGE THANK YOU to Julie GribbleRocco Staino, and the entire KidLit TV crew for making the day extra special. And if you want to know how very special that day was take a look at this:

Help make World Read Aloud Day an every day event!

KidLit TV’s Live Stream Read Aloud

I’m a tad late to the party in posting about this AMAZING event hosted by KidLit TV, but better late than never.

March is National Reading Awareness Month and to celebrate KidLit TV invited authors and illustrators to read their picture books for their first Live Stream Read Aloud Marathon on Friday, March 3, 2017.

The Read Aloud received over 3,000 views and was featured in Publisher’s Weekly column, In Brief.

Below are a few photographic highlights:


Rocco Stanno and Katya Szewczuk


Cynthia Weill and Orel Protopopescu


Laurie Wallmark 


Roxie Munro, Barbara McClintock and Elizabeth Upton


Kat Yeh


Me, Laurie Wallmark and Orel Protopopescu


Roxie Munro and Carol Weston 


Julie Gribble 


Steve Light 


Selene Castrovilla


Me and Rosanne Kurstedt


Kelly Light


Susanna Reich

Katya Szewczuk and Laurie Wallmark 

That’s one scary witch! 


Erica Rand Silverman and David Weinstone 

Orel Protopopescu, Cynthia Weill and Susanna Reich 


Rosanne Kurstedt 


Laura Sassi 


The Reading Ninjas 


Ender, a super adorable Reading Ninja, reading Hildie Bitterpickles Needs Her Sleep.

 (This made my day!) 

A GINORMOUS THANK YOU to the amazing Julie Gribble, Erica Rand Silverman, Katya Szewczuk, Rocco Staino, and to everyone at KidLit TV who made this extraordinary celebration of reading so very special. Happy Reading!




KidLit TV Celebrates National Reading Awareness Month


Did you know that there’s magic in the air during the month of March? March is National Reading Awareness Month and to celebrate KidLit TV is having a READ ALOUD LIVE STREAM of picture books read by your favorite authors and illustrators on March 3rd from 12 pm to 3 pm. Hildie Bitterpickles and I, along with with our bats, rats, snakes, and grouchy cat, are tapping our heals three times, grabbing our brooms, and heading down to KidLit TV to celebrate the magic of reading.


Please join us for the festivities!



There’s No Place Like KidLit TV


If you’ve ever wanted to go to Oz, all you have to do is click your heels three times, take the #1 train to Franklin Street, and ring the doorbell at #112. As soon as you enter, you will realize there’s magic in the air. It’s the home of KidLit TV.


Julie Gribble and me (photo by Kassia Graham) 

I had the chance to spend the morning in this wonderfully magical place as I waited to record a reading of Hildie Bitterpickles Needs Her Sleep.


Hildie and I enjoying our KidLit TV debut.



Hildie closeup (Photo by Kassia Graham) 


Kassia Graham


Art by Kelly Light


I would love to take home each and everyone of these loveys. 


Painting of Franklin Street by Roxie Munro 

It was so much fun having my make up done by the incredibly talented Mable Pang. I so wish she could do my make up every day. How fun would it be showing up at school pick up looking like Cinderella rather than my usual Wicked Witch of the West in sweat pants. I wonder if my own son would recognize me.


Mable Pang reading Hildie Bitterpickles


Signing a copy of The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake for Maple Pang’s daughter.


Rocco Staino 


Steve Light

Steve Light (photos by Kassia Graham) 

Unfortunately, I missed catching up with Joyce Wan. But here are some photographs Kassia Graham took of her visit to KidLit TV.

On my way out, all that I could think of was “There’s no place like KidLit TV. . . . There’s no place like KidLit TV.”



Celebrating INDIES FIRST at Bank Street Book Store


It was a day of celebration at Bank Street Book Store, an INDIES FIRST select store. INDIES FIRST is a special day of reading in recognition of neighborhood bookstores. The date coordinates with Small Business Saturday by encouraging holiday shoppers to support independent booksellers, a most precious and valuable resource for all.

An all-star lineup of authors and illustrators came out in droves to support Bank Street on this very special day.

Here are some photographic highlights:


Robie Harris


Amy Hest 


Chris Grabenstein 


Vin Vogel 


Gail Lauren Karp


Todd Tarpley


Patricia Lakin 


Mike Curato and Steve Light


Steve Light 


A sneak peek of Steve Light’s new book, Swap! 

(Ahoy, Mateys! Swap! sails onto bookshelves February 2016)


Yippee Skippee Puppet Theatre, starring Andrew Laties


Julie Gribble from KidLit TV


The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake on a shelf at Bank Street Book Store.  🙂


Karin Lefranc and Dan Gutman 


Monica Wellington 


Daphne Benedis-Grab and Laura Pedersen

Thank you Bank Street Book Store for a terrific day.


During this holiday season, please remember to support your neighborhood independent bookstore.


Happy Birthday, KidLit TV!


It was a wonderful year of firsts for KidLit TV. Founded by Julie Gribble, KidLit TV is the first multimedia website created to aid parents and educators explore the world of children’s literature. It received its first big award, the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, and it is currently in the process of launching KidLit RADIO.

“KidLit TV is an exciting and informative destination for authors, illustrators, teachers, publishers, and anyone with a passion for children’s literature.” — Children’s Book Council

“Visitors are almost guaranteed to find something interesting and useful, whether they are consumers, producers, or curators of children’s literature.” — Parents’ Choice on KidLit TV

Authors, illustrators and fans of all ages came out in droves to celebrate KidLit TV’s BIG ONE.

Here are some photographic highlights:


Julie Gribble and Katya Szewczuk


Adam Lehrhaupt and Ame Dyckman 


Roxie Munro and spouse


Kelly Light and Kat Yeh


Nick Bruel and me 


Beth Ferry, Annie Silvestro, me and Kelly Calabrese


Annie Silvestro, me, Katya Szewczuk, Beth Ferry and Ame Dyckman 


Katya Szewczuk, Dan Yaccarino and Julie Gribble 


Katya Szewczuk, Julie Gribble and Nick Bruel 


Katya Szewczuk, Julie Gribble, Rocco Staino and Tad Hills

Rocco Staino and Kelly Light


Paul Zelinsky, Adam Lehrhaupt and Katya Szewczuk

And as part of this jubiliant celebration, KidLit TV teamed up with Tad Hills and ArtWorks for Youth (AWFY). AWFY provides free visual art instruction, academic support, and mentoring to students in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. To learn more about this wonderful program, please visit: http://artworksforyouth.co.za 

Happy Birthday, KidLit TV! I suspect that the BIG TWO is going to be even bigger and better.

For more information about KidLit TV, please visit: http://kidlit.tv



The Kat’s Meow: Katya Szewczuk’s Field Trip to the Princeton Children’s Book Festival

It was the Kat’s Meow chatting with Katya Szewczuk from KidLit TV at the Princeton Children’s Book Festival. Check out all of her wonderful interviews!

Detectives Wilcox and Griswold were relieved to learn that Katya was not a real cat. However, they were most perplexed about the whole cat appeal. Why would anyone want to be an ordinary cat when you could be a far superior mouse? 🙂