Jim, the Peacock, Is Coming Home

Many of you know that my son attends school with three unusual feathered students: Phil, Jim, and Harry. All three peacocks. Phil is a leucistic white peafowl, and Jim and Harry are your traditional blue green peacocks. The history of the peacocks on the grounds of The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine seems to vary a bit, depending on the source you’re reading, but some sources suggest that they made their first appearance in 1973.



Jim or Harry

jimorharry at front of school

Harry or Jim 

Last summer Jim injured his wing and has been recuperating at The Center for Avian & Exotic Medicine.



Jim2Tomorrow he is finally coming home! Everyone in the community, especially the children, are thrilled he’s coming back. Fingers, toes, and wings crossed Phil and Harry feel the same way. :)

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Wilcox and Griswold Upcoming Events

Detectives Wilcox and Griswold are on the hunt for Miss Rabbit’s missing carrot cake and they need your help.


May 16th – The Pound Ridge Library, 271 Westchester Avenue, Pound Ridge, NY, at 2:30 pm

May 20th – P.S. 166, The Richard Rodgers School of the Arts & Technology 

May 23 – Book Culture, 450 Columbus Avenue, at 4:00 pm

May 29 – The Alexander Robertston School

May 31 Bank Street Book Store, 2780 Broadway at 107th St., at 1:00 pm

June 7 – BookCourt, 163 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY, at 11:00 am

June 28 – What’s Cooking @ ALA?, San Francisco, CA, 10:30-11:30 pm, I will be cooking up Mollie Katzen’s AWESOME carrot cake recipe from The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake.

Carrot cake, surprises, giveaways, and more await the newest Missing Food Investigators. So please come on by and have some fun! 

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Interview With Robin Newman & Book Giveaway


Looking for something fun to do this Thursday morning? Then, hop on over to Kathy Temean’s for the once in a lifetime opportunity to win a FREE (Yup! You read correctly! That’s FREE, GRATIS, NO CASH REQUIRED!!) copy of The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake. May the best blog reader win! Good luck.

Originally posted on Writing and Illustrating:

robin_newman Author Robin Newman

Thought you might enjoy getting to know Robin Newman and read the interview I had with her. Robin’s debut picture book hit the book shelves on Tuesday. Plus, she is offering anyone who leaves a comment here the chance to win a copy of her book. You get extra chances if you also tweet or share on Facebook and let us know.

Here’s the interview:

How long did it take you to write The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake?

The book took about seven years of writing, and more important, rewriting. A good gauge is my son. I started writing after he was born. He’s eight-years old now.

How and when did you team up with Liza Fleissig at the Liza Royce Agency?

Tori Corn, author of What Will it Be, Penelope? illustrated by Danielle Ceccolini (Sky Pony Press), and Dixie Wants an Allergy, illustrated by…

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An Evening of Celebration at The Corner Bookstore for The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake

The old adage, “Good things come to those who wait,” is definitely true in my case. It took just about eight years for Wilcox and Griswold to make their first public appearance. A very big THANK YOU is due to everyone who helped Wilcox and Griswold on their journey, especially Creston Books, Marissa Moss, Deborah Zemke, Liza Fleissig, Ginger Harris-Dontzin, my critique group (Jill Davis, Jacki Morris, Joanne French, Ellen Grogan), and my family. Many thanks to The Corner Bookstore for making the celebration extra special!

Here are some photographic highlights:







From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!! xoxo

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#687 – The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake by Robin Newman & Deborah Zemke


A wonderful review by Sue Morris of The Case of The Missing Carrot Cake.

Originally posted on Kid Lit Reviews:

Quick note: Not surprisingly, the motherboard died one last time, just days after arriving home from its last death. I am at the library and running out of time. Please excuse the unfinished post. I will get all images and links up as son as I can. I hope you enjoy the review, such as it is. ~Sue


The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake
Written by Robin Newman
Illustrated by Deborah Zemke
Creston Books          2015
40 pages            Age 7—9
“When food goes missing on Ed’s farm, Detectives Wilcox and Griswold do what it takes to track down the thieves. In this case, Miss Rabbit’s carrot cake has disappeared. Has it been stolen? Or eaten? Or both? Who dunnit?” [publisher]

Oh, my, a carrot cake has gone missing and Miss Rabbit, besides being crumbed…

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The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake by Robin Newman GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!


For a once in a lifetime opportunity, hop on over to Erik Weibel’s AWESOME blog, http://www.thiskidreviewsbooks.com, for the chance to win a FREE (YES! THAT’S FREE, GRATIS, NO DINERO REQUIRED) copy of The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake. May the force of the carrot cake be with you. Good luck!

Originally posted on This Kid Reviews Books:

Hey! Do you guys remember when I reviewed the very fun your reader mystery – “The Case of the MissingCarrotCake” by Robin Newman (click the title for my review)?

carrotcake Find it on Amazon HERE!

Summary from Goodreads: “When food goes missing on Ed’s farm, Detectives Wilcox and Griswold do what it takes to track down the thieves. In this case, Miss Rabbit’s carrot cake has disappeared. Has it been stolen? Or eaten? Or both? Who dunnit?

Well, guess what! Today is the day it is released!

You can purchase the book on Amazon HERE!

Ms. Newman, the author, has thankfully agreed to let me give away a copy of her book.

The only qualifications that are needed are that you help spread the word about Ms. Newman’s book via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. or reblog!).

The contest is…

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Originally posted on Laura Sassi Tales:

UnknownIn a prime time blog first, I, Laura Sassi, get the inside scoop on the MFIs from the Number 2 police mouse on the force, Detective Wilcox.  If you haven’t met Detective Wilcox, he’s part of the dynamic detective duo, Wilcox and Griswold, in Robin Newman’s debut children’s book, THE CASE OF THE MISSING CARROT CAKE: A Wilcox & Griswold Mystery, illustrated by Deborah Zemke (Creston Books, Spring 2015).


Sassi: Detective Wilcox, let’s start at the beginning. Did you always want to be a Missing Food Investigator?

Detective Wilcox: Very early on I knew I wanted to be cop. When I was a pup, I loved cop shows. I’m pretty sure I watched every cop show that was ever made—Miami Mice, Mousy & Hutch, Mousy Miller, Cagney and Mousy, Mouse Squad. . . . You name it!

Sassi: Did you have any favorites?

Detective Wilcox: N.Y.P.M. Blue, you…

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Sharing Our Love of Picture Books by Katherine Sokolowski


A wonderful piece on the value of picture books. “Picture books have no age limit.”

Originally posted on Nerdy Book Club:

It was this photo that started it. Nine weeks ago I looked up from a reading conference with a student and saw this, took the photo, and posted it to Facebook and Instagram.


It really wouldn’t be an unusual sight in my classroom of fifth graders. When we have independent work time, kids read and write what they would like. At any given time you might see some students writing a blog, others working on a presentation, some reading from their independent books, some talking to each other about their reading, and many kids reading picture books. I pop around, child to child, and talk to them about their reading and writing. It is one of my favorite parts of the day.

This photo, however, inspired Jennifer Shettel to contact me. Jennifer is an Associate Professor at a university in Pennsylvania. She wanted me to share with her class of…

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What’s a Lawyer Doing Writing for Kids? By Robin Newman


Have you ever wondered, “What’s a lawyer doing writing for kids?” If so, please check out my response to this most intriguing question.

Originally posted on Darlene Beck-Jacobson:

It gives me great pleasure to feature another one of my author friends who has a debut book releasing this month.  ROBIN NEWMAN’S  Chapter Book, The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake, A Wilcox and Griswold Mystery, is being released by CRESTON BOOKS to starred reviews.   Here’s Robin to tell us about her path to publication:

I’ve often been asked how I ended up writing children’s books, and for that matter, a mystery series. “After all, you’re a lawyer, right?”

It’s a good question. A very good question.

Yes, I am a lawyer. When I was practicing, I was what you would call a “disgruntled lawyer.” That’s disgruntled with a capital D. Not an unfamiliar term to many lawyers.

One day, my mom gave me some good advice.                    

Kids already LOVE the book... Kids already LOVE the book…


“Quit,” she said.

“What did you say?” I said. At the time, I was on…

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Originally posted on Writing and Illustrating:



DATES: June 13th and 14th

Cost : $360 – early bird: $335

Location:Crowne Plaza/Holiday Inn Express Plainsboro, NJ


(Alphabetical by last name)

Abramowitz, Jenne (Senior Editor, Scholastic Inc.)

Alexander, Heather (Agent, Pippin Properties)

Asselin, Kristine (Author)

Baptiste, Tracey (Editor, Rosen Publishing)

Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta (Author)

Bremekamp, Samantha (Jr. Agent, Corvisiero Literary Agency)

Burkhart, Jessica (Author)

Calabrese, Kelly (Author)

Camacho, Linda (Agent, Prospect Agency)

Colleen, Marcie (Author)

Cornell, Merial (Owner / Founder, Cornell & Company, LLC)

Cusick, John (Agent, Greenhouse Literary / Keynote)

Deak, Erzsi (Agent/Founder, Hen&ink Literary Studio)

Deitz Shea, Pegi (Author)

Dyckman, Ame (Author)

Evans, Amy (Author)

Fleissig, Liza (Founder, Liza Royce Agency)

Fujii, Saho (Art Director, Little, Brown BFYR)

Haertsch, Gretchen (Author)

Harris, Patti Ann (Executive Art Director, Scholastic Inc.)

Hasegawa, Carter (Associate Editor, Candlewick Press)

Ismail, Suzy (Author)

Jantz, Jeff (Author)

Kinard, Kami (Author)

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