The Bookshop at the End of the Internet with Stacey Horan


A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of stopping by Stacey Horan’s podcast, The Bookshop at the End of the Internet, to talk about books, writing, revision, and more. It’s been a lifelong goal to master the use of “um” and I think I’ve finally done it. So, please click here to give a listen and enjoy!


Stacey Horan is the award-winning YA author of Inland, The Elixir Vitae Adventures: ORTUS (Book 1), The Elixir Vitae Adventures: JUVENIS (Book 2), and Sycamore Lane. To learn more about Stacey, her awesome books, and The Bookshop at the End of the Internet, please visit her website.





A Flying Start for No Peacocks! Launch

No Peacocks! was off to a glorious flying start with its launch party at The Corner Bookstore on September 6, 2018. Fans of Phil, Jim, and Harry, the superstar peacocks from The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, flocked to the store for the book’s feathered-tale debut.

Here are a few photographic* highlights:

I would like to squawk, honk, and screech a SUPER HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who made the celebration extra special, including but not limited to: The Corner Bookstore; my amazing agents, Liza Fleissig and Ginger Harris-Dontzin; the Bryn Mawr Club of New York City, with special thanks to Helen Thurston, President of the Bryn Mawr Club of New York City; Bebe Bakes (cupcakes) and Dean Lawrence Bake Shop (cookies, THANK YOU, Liza!); and to friends and family for your encouragement and continued support.


*Photos provided by Liza Fleissig, Joanne Kaplan, Ellen Fisher, Marcelino de Santos, and Nancy Armo.


Cover Reveal: No Peacocks!

I am thrilled beyond words to share the cover for No Peacocks! (Sky Pony Press) illustrated by the amazing Chris Ewald. Drum roll, please!


No Peacocks! is a fictional feathered tale about the three real-life mischievous peacocks who reside on the grounds of The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Let me introduce you:

This is Phil.


This is Jim or Harry.


Or Harry or Jim.


(I can’t tell the difference between Jim or Harry but if you ask any of the children, they all know which bird is which.)

For five years, my son attended The Cathedral School of St. John the Divine. And from the moment I saw the birds, I knew I wanted to write about them. There was just one problem. I needed a story. On one extremely fortunate day while I was attending a meeting for the school’s book fair, one of the school administrators came into the room asking if anyone had left a sandwich in a stroller because one of the peacocks ate it. And as soon as I heard that, I knew I had my story.

No Peacocks! is about Phil, Jim and Harry’s quest to taste the school’s very famous mac ‘n cheese. It’s a cheesy story of friendship and teamwork, with a mild sprinkling of criminal activity that’s perfect for influencing the impressionable minds of children ages 0 to 1000. It flies onto bookshelves September 2018.

I’d like to take a quick moment to thank my editor, Alison Weiss; my agents, Liza Fleissig and Ginger Harris-Dontzin; my writing teacher, Jill Davis; my writing group, Jacki Morris and Joanne French; my husband, Michael, who has probably read this story more times than he would have liked; my son, Noah, for the tremendous joy he brings my husband and me every day—even during homework; and anyone else who so much as sneezed on my manuscript.

No Peacocks! is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at your favorite independent bookstore.




Look What Arrived in the Mail!




I would like to shout out a very big THANK YOU to Marissa Moss, publisher and editor extraordinaire. THANK YOU for taking a chance on my quirky little witch; to my very special agents, Liza Fleissig and Ginger Harris-Dontzin, whose magic touch heralded Hildie Bitterpickles to Creston Books; to Chris Ewald for making Hildie Bitterpickles more adorable than anything I could have ever imagined; to Simon Stahl, whose design magic never ceases to amaze me; and to my amazing critique group for helping me persevere during those really awful rough drafts. THANK YOU!!!

An Evening of Celebration at The Corner Bookstore for The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake

The old adage, “Good things come to those who wait,” is definitely true in my case. It took just about eight years for Wilcox and Griswold to make their first public appearance. A very big THANK YOU is due to everyone who helped Wilcox and Griswold on their journey, especially Creston Books, Marissa Moss, Deborah Zemke, Liza Fleissig, Ginger Harris-Dontzin, my critique group (Jill Davis, Jacki Morris, Joanne French, Ellen Grogan), and my family. Many thanks to The Corner Bookstore for making the celebration extra special!

Here are some photographic highlights:







From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!! xoxo

An Evening of Celebration and Success for Amalie Howard’s Waterfell


Books of Wonder was buzzing with excitement, as YA fans of all ages came out to celebrate the launch of Amalie Howard’s novel, Waterfell, and to meet Amalie’s special guest authors, Kristi Cook (Eternal), Page Morgan (The Beautiful and the Cursed), and Emmy Laybourne (Monument 14: Sky on Fire).



From left to right:  Amalie Howard, Page Morgan, Emmy Laybourne and Kristi Cook


Amalie Howard & Liza Fleissig


Page Morgan


Liza Fleissig & Ginger Harris-Dontzin

Congratulations Amalie!  What a wonderful evening!